December Edition 2014

To You From Peter and Me
Featured this issue: CHANGE
  • What needs changing? – by Karina

    When I heard the word “Change” I started thinking about what I would like to change in my life. And where to start! I discovered that the thing I ‘change’ most in my daily life is my clothing. As many other women, I have a lot of clothes, even though at times it does not […]

  • CHANGE takes Courage …. by Lee

    CHANGE takes Courage, time, persistence and a whole lot of PATIENCE November 10, 2014, surfing through some of my writings (nothing by co-incidence) I found an email I wrote to my daughter on September 11, 2008. It reminded me that I have settled once again and it is time to shake things up and make some […]

  • Change and the Grieving Process – by Kat

    Most of the time when we think of the subject of grieving, we associate it with the death of someone we care about but the reality of it all is that we humans grieve far more often then most of us are aware of. What really happens to us when a loved one transitions to […]

  • Making changes – by Kristine

    What would you change if you had the chance? In my childhood, we were often sitting in a circle pointing out things about life or ourselves we wanted to change. It sounds horrible, but so it was. I would not change anything about myself, or my life – even the bad stuff. It makes me […]

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Recognize Change – by Marie

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Endure it With Grace – by Kat

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